About 2U Your UK Address

It was established in December 2023 in Oxford, the center of attraction of England. 2U, which has two founding partners, one of whom is a female entrepreneur, has a private limited company structure headquartered in England.

It is an online service that delivers and forwards mail to people outside Europe with its modern physical structure and easy-to-use technical infrastructure. It is an important solution partner for anyone who wants to trade in Europe and all over the world or who wants to shop in Europe, especially the UK.

U2 Your UK Address Journey

We continue to work and produce for you.

  • Our company was officially established and we started our journey.

    27 December 2023

How it Works

We have a very simple and understandable working system.

Your Address Is Ready Instantly

Once you become our customer, you will see a real, physical Oxford (England) address for you. You can use this address as the “Recipient Address” for your shopping, commercial shipments and official correspondence.


Acceptance and Routing

Shipments such as letters and packages sent to your name are accepted by our company and a notification is sent to you. If the shipment sent to your name is a document type, it will be scanned according to your request and sent to you by e-mail.

Affordable Price, Quality Service

We have a solution for every budget. When you purchase any of our packages, a virtual address that you can use is specified in your user panel.