Oxford Virtual Office, Virtual Address, Mail Acceptance and Forwarding Service

You are in the right place to get a virtual office address at the most affordable prices in Oxford, the prestigious city of England!

We can accept your mail, answer your phones, and ship your parcels and parcels anywhere in the world! Our services are not limited to these. Keep browsing our website for more.

Practical and Easy to Use

When you purchase any of our packages, a real, physical address specific to you is specified in your account. You can forward your personal, corporate and shopping mail to this address. 2U is your UK home! You can forward your personal, corporate and shopping mail to this address. U2 is your UK home! You can forward your personal, corporate andas

Digital or Physical Delivery

We scan your mail items, such as documents sent to your virtual address, on the same day and deliver them to you electronically. We can store your shipments such as cargo, packages, and parcels in our warehouses or send them by cargo to the country of your choice. dddd ddd You can forward your personal, corporate and shopping mail to this address


2U, it is an important solution partner for entrepreneurs working with the dropshipping method. The products coming from your suppliers are stored in our warehouses, your logo and invoices are added instead of the supplier’s logo and invoices, they are partitioned as you wish and presented to your customers around the world. 123456789101112131415

Our Special Packages That Meet All Your Needs

You can immediately purchase and start using our packages suitable for every need. Our company has VAT exemption. Our prices are very affordable and you do not have to pay additional costs and taxes.

Registered Office Address
£ 6 /Montly
  • You can use it at Companies House.
  • All mail coming to your company is forwarded to you online. (Official Mail Only)

Packet Forwarding
£ 5 /Monthly
  • Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Etsy and more
  • We accept all your e-commerce shipments.
  • Re-shipment to any country you want
  • 7 days free storage in our warehouses
  • * It is just the admission fee. Forwarding costs are assessed separately depending on the size of the package and the destination country.

Dropshipping Special
£ 990 /Monthly
  • Unlimited Mail Acceptance
  • 30 days free physical storage
  • Unlimited mail forwarding up to 2 kilograms
  • Custom packaging, adding invoices and logos

Google Adsense PIN Letter
£ 10 /One Time
  • By accepting your PIN Mail, we can verify your Adsense account.
  • Your PIN mail will be scanned and sent to you immediately.

UK Physical Sim Card
£ 8 /Piece
  • Plug and Play Open Line
  • Receiving SMS is free
  • Phone calls, receiving calls and sending messages are charged according to your country.
  • It is a prepaid line, balance may need to be topped up at regular intervals.

Virtual Receptionist
£ 15 /Monthly
  • We can answer your personal and commercial calls by opening a dedicated local UK line for you.
  • Valid during weekday working hours.
  • Line opening and phone number allocation are included in the price.

UK Visa Applications
£ 12 /One time
    When applying for UK visa you must provide the details of your accommodation during your stay. Providing you the UK address for your visa application that can help you during your visa process at a very low cost.

Experts for all UK Visas
£ 50 /Single Application
    Our visa services provide a comprehensive range of information to provide you and your families the best help. Our visa application experts will take the time to understand the most appropriate service to meet your needs. Assessment of your changes and preparation of right documents will be the part of the service, however application fee must be paid by the applicant.

Reliable Airport Transfers
£ * /One Time
    We know that flying can be stressful sometimes, we are here to make your journey a hassle-free experience with our professional drivers. Book your next travel to any UK airport, our professional driver will pick you up from your preferred airport and drop you off to the destination you are travelling. Feel free to book your free quote consultation.
  • *) Price varies based on the airport location

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