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You can make your payments with credit, ATM and prepaid cards with Stripe, the world’s most preferred secure payment infrastructure.

We have local bank accounts in almost every country. You can also make your payments by bank transfer.

Certainly! Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress and more. You can use the virtual address defined for you in your orders.

Example usage

Name Surname
Your U2 Address England

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When you purchase any of our packages you will be assigned a dedicated post office box or parcel acceptance address. We will notify you of this address via email and it will appear in your user panel.


This is a sectoral naming. U2 operates in a building under its own ownership. The address we offer is real. Don’t be confused with our other competitors who only offer mailboxes.

There are products that are restricted or not allowed by Royal Mail company rules and destination country local laws. You can get clear information on this subject from the Royal Website or consult our WhatsApp line, which is available 24/7.